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Activity Design of thermal insulation of buildings

Design of thermal insulation of buildings

By its technical nature, the insulation of the facades falls under the definition of major repairs, which is a type of construction. Thus, the process of insulation of the facades as a type of construction is regulated by the current legislation. In particular, it requires development of project documentation, the press service of the State Agency of Architecture and Construction of Ukraine inspects.

It is important that the external isolation of the building not only preserves energy, but also be safe for people. To do this, pay attention to the degree of flammability of insulation materials and restrictions that impose state building codes on their use. In particular, concerning high-rise buildings, kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

Customers for construction IV-V categories of complexity should strictly adhere to the conditions of design decisions, which have undergone a professional examination, including fire safety. When issuing a certificate of conformity of the construction permitting its operation, the State Architectural Inspectorate is obliged to check the compliance of the developer with the design decisions.

Citizens who carry out insulation of their own home, DABI recommends not to save on the quality of insulating materials. After all, cheap thermal insulation can be a source of fire and toxic substances.

Also, the State Architectural and Construction Inspection of Ukraine emphasizes that the best guarantee of avoiding tragedies is the strict observance of state building norms, standards and, in general, city-planning legislation. Therefore, the State Architectural Inspection of Ukraine calls for compliance with state building norms and standards concerning insulation and facing of building facades:

State building codes B.1.1.7-2002 "Fire safety of construction objects";
Government Builders Standards B2.6-33: 2008 "Construction of exterior walls with facade insulation. Requirements for design, arrangement and operation ".