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Activity Design of energy saving lighting

Design of energy saving lighting

Every day, consumers consume a significant part of the electricity directly on the artificial room lighting. It is possible to save electricity costs on lighting, you need only to adhere to a number of generally accepted rules.

First of all, you need to use natural sunlight as efficiently as possible in order to avoid the use of artificial illumination at daylight hours. For this purpose, it is advisable to paint the walls and ceilings in light color shades to increase the reflecting ability of the surfaces. In addition, a large number of windows in the room and their purity play a significant role, so that they can maximally pass the luminous flux.

The most recent method is using sensors of various types that are capable to self-respond to motion or other data for supplying electricity to lighting fixtures. With such sensors there is an automatic control of switching on the lights when a person appears in the zone of action. Also, with the help of sensors, it is possible to automate illumination when darkness falls.

The next important point is the use of energy-saving lighting systems. Energy-saving lighting devices include numerous halogen, fluorescent and LED lamps and devices.

Fluorescent devices have a high level of light output in relation to energy consumption. Among the advantages, comparing to the incandescent lamp, you can distinguish the following:

  • Reducing energy consumption by up to 5 times.
  • Increased power of the luminous flux.
  • Economical efficiency is about 80%.
  • Electricity costs are reduced by at least 3 times.
  • Avoiding external overheating of lamps.
  • Wide choice of color spectrum of illumination.

But the life of fluorescent lamps is noticeably reduced in case of frequent switching on / off, so the minimum use time should be three hours and more. Also, they can go out of service due to voltage drop, so you need to protect them with a voltage regulator. Such lamps require specialized utilization due to mercury content.

LED lighting is a combination of several diodes in one device. Comparing them with fluorescent lamps, the indicators of economy will exceed, and electricity savings can reach 90% (about 12 times more than fluorescent tubes). The service life is also significant, because comparing with incandescent lamps it exceeds the rates by 8 times. They do not do any harm to human health and because of their economical and high light output such devices help to decide the issue of energy saving in the street (lantern) lighting.

Halogen lamps have much in common with the incandescent lamp, which is installed at almost every home. In fact, they are an improved version of the incandescent lamps. For today, there is a wide range of such lamps, they can be covered with an aluminum or infrared reflector to make the light flow directional, therefore, they are often used when installing hidden ceiling lighting or other specific lighting in the room.

So, the advantage of these products is that they have a relatively high lifespan and increased mechanical strength and heat resistance, as well as they have low cost.